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Medical Outreach


A variety of educational programs are offered through the Center including formal classroom didactics, workshops, lectures, conferences, 1:1 supervision, advanced specialty electives, staff in-service training, and live patient panel discussions that provide an opportunity to hear directly from youth and young adults with TS and their families.  Educational experiences are available for medical students, psychology graduate students, mental health counseling students, nursing and physician assistant students, and post-graduate trainees including residents and fellows in family medicine, pediatrics, adult medicine, neurology and psychiatry.   Such programs enhance awareness and understanding of the perspectives, stresses, and complex needs of families living with TS and associated disorders such as OCD, ADHD, and anxiety and  educate healthcare providers about best practice management.


The Center's Grand Rounds Education Program features a presentation delivered by an experienced clinician with expertise in TS and associated disorders. The goal of these presentations is to enhance awareness and recognition of TS and its associated disorders among physicians and residents at local and regional hospitals and to provide updates on evidence-based and emerging treatments for TS and its commonly co-occurring conditions.


The New York State Consortium for Tourette includes leadership from our site, Icahn Medical Center, Weil-Cornell Medical Center, the University of Rochester Medical Center, and all five Chapters of the New York State Tourette Association (Long Island, NYC, Upper Hudson Valley, Rochester, and Greater New York).  We collaborate to improve healthcare, education, and quality of life for people with TS and their families throughout New York State.

To schedule a presentation or for information on upcoming presentations, visit our calendar, call us at 516-365-0587, or email us at

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